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Press article #27: L’AGEFI
Wednesday, September 11th 2013


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Michael Heijmeijer, President and CEO of, and Markus Ferber, Member of the European Parliament and of the Global Business Elite, have set up PeoplesFinancials, a foundation whose mission is to enable the public to invest in financial products with complete confidence.

Private investors – who account for the majority of money placed in the financial markets – find it very difficult to understand the risks and complexities of the financial products that exist. They have to judge based on the subjective evaluation of a few credit rating agencies – an outdated model according to Michael Heijmeijer – and on the advice of financial advisors, who are often remunerated by the transaction and not based on the performance that results from their recommendations. The PeoplesFinancials Foundation aims to offer the public the tools to evaluate financial products completely transparently, so the playing field is levelled.

Cfinancials is contributing its vast financial database, its TIPER℠ index (a universal monitoring tool that evaluates the risk of financial products), as well as alerts and informational videos.

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