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The mission of the Foundation is to empower people to invest with confidence and security, and to foster social and economic stability.

Only when the layperson benefits from an equal playing field with product issuers and investment banks, when s/he has access to objective evaluations and transparency, will the balance of power shift and the world become more stable.
The foundation will be key to maintaining a balance between the public, capital markets, and the industry.


Michael Heijmeijer

Chairman & CEO representing concept & technology;

Markus Ferber

Member of the European Parliament since 1994 &
1st Vice Chairman of the ECON committee and rapporteur for the MiFID II file.

“PeoplesFinancials will establish greater awareness and a better understanding in the risk of financial products among the public, enabling them to invest with more confidence and consideration. This, in turn, will contribute to greater financial and social stability…”

Markus Ferber, Co-Founder


While the amount of financial information available has reached unprecedented heights, many people still feel insecure and ill-informed when it comes to making long-term investment decisions.
At the same time, the need to make smart investment decisions has become ever more important –
not least, because traditional retirement arrangements are increasingly falling short.
Peoplesfinancials wants to address this mismatch by arming people with clear, transparent information on how financial markets work.

The European Union wants to integrate European financial markets into a true Capital Markets Union and has devised a retail financial services action plan that puts retail investors at the heart of European capital markets.
Peoplesfinancials wants to contribute to the policy debate about strengthening capital markets and retail financial services and how innovation in financial services can benefit end users.

A Grass Root Initiative

Consumer protection is a pressing issue for investors, investment firms and policy makers.
It is also exacerbated by the effects of globalisation, technology, and the proliferation of more sophisticated products.


To counter this, the authorities have issued a new EU directive which took effect on 3 January 2018 as part of a wider framework of EU legislation. To improve the security of a financial product and the quality of an investment strategy – investors and investment firms have turned to Big Data Technologies. As a result, even inexperienced investors are now able to make an informed decision
independently regardless of market circumstances and/or product complexity.
Investment firms can also improve their decision making process to increase the quality of an investment strategy and the performance of a financial product.

Our Vision

Capital markets made easy to guide all investors.

In a world where everyone possesses understanding of how the financial markets work, and can access objective and transparent information allowing them to assess their risk, people will think nothing of investing. In control, they will do it easily and freely, aware that their actions benefit not only themselves, but the entire economy.

Our Goal

1.     The Foundation’s goals are:

2.     To this end, the Foundation may notably make available, by various means, information enabling people to understand:

a.    What is the risk related to a particular financial product;
b.    Under what circumstances it can come about;
c.    What the impact on our investments is;
d.    How to improve the security of a product;
e.    How to make better use of capital markets.

3.     The means the Foundation employs may include:

a.    information technology tools such as

i.    databases;
ii.   search engines to access the data;
iii.  objective financial product evaluation tools;
iv.  analytics.

b.    educational channels such as

i.    newsletters and written reports;
ii.   videos;
iii.  conferences and other meetings.

c.    collaborating with different authorities.

4.     The Foundation may exercise any activity related to the goal and objectives defined above.



The repercussions of the financial crisis of 2008 are deep and wide. People have lost their homes and jobs, have less income and fewer means of extending it. The credit crunch has affected, and is still affecting, economies around the world, causing social unrest and discontent. It is the person in the street who bears the brunt.

The public represents 90% of the money invested in capital markets, but ordinary people are now wary of entrusting their money to a system they do not understand. Till now, they have had to rely on the subjective ratings of the few agencies that exist and on the counsel of their financial advisors. Without the tools to properly assess the risk they run, investors are acting on little more than blind faith.

And it’s not just the small investor who is affected. It’s every person in the street. Economies depend
on investments and capital markets, and volatility in the markets will undoubtedly increase with globalization, the evolution of technology vanitygen software, and the proliferation of more sophisticated products.
Despite increased standards (MIFID), regulations (Basel II) and oversight councils, assessing risk remains the domain of the financial industry, and it will not take much to turn the public completely off investing.

The mere threat of such stagnation in trading activity would be enough to cause a total meltdown of our economic system. Only when the layperson benefits from an equal playing field with product issuers and investment banks, when s/he has access to objective evaluations and transparency, will the balance of power shift and the world become more stable.

The PeoplesFinancials Foundation is building on existing and proven IT tools to provide this access, and give more control to the consumer so that capital markets work for everyone.


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