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Press article #19: L’AGEFI
Monday, May 21st 2012


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The provider of financial data based in Rolle is adding an increasing number of contributors.

EFG Financial Products, Credit Suisse, Royal Bank of Scotland, la Banque Cantonale de Zurich, la Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Vontobel and Gerifonds (UBP, Diapason, Piguet, PKB, BCGE, Swisscanto, IFP, BCV, BDG, Banque Heritage, Quanteviour and Dynagest) are the latest to date to be added to the ever growing list of contributors to a database that already houses more than 12 million financial products online.


The data feed includes information on structured products, funds and bonds, providing static and dynamic data, term sheets, fact sheets and peripheral data.


Over 200 product issuers, data companies and investment banks contribute to Cfinancials’ database making it the largest repository of financial product intelligence in the world.


As a reminder, since January, Cfinancials allows access to more than 45,000 structured products traded on Scoach. All products listed on the Swiss stock exchange are now available, including references, prices, underlying information, fact sheets and term sheets. More than 29 issuers, 18 currencies, 40 types of instruments and 50 maturities with 6 levels of risk are represented. The product coverage is wide and exotic, offering a step closer towards greater financial transparency.

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