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Press article #17: Banque et Finance
Thursday, December 15th 2011

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Cfinancials, the online platform for currently some twelve million financial assets, is focused on their transparency, starting with structured products.

Banque & Finance: With Product Mastering, its new product, Cfinancials is now emerging as the white knight of transparency in financial assets. How would you define this transparency ?

Michael HeijmeijerWhen we talk about transparency in financial assets, we are mainly talking about their components, otherwise known as their underlying assets. Our online website analyses them in detail, including some two million structured products that are the most opaque. Using new technologies that Cfinancials has developed, we can also provide overall transparency of financial information, so that it can be shared, accessible, in a standard format, organised and free of charge. Our business in fact is to transform raw financial information in order to provide it with added value and then to distribute it widely.

B&F: Is this wish for transparency demanded by your clients ?

M. H.They demand to know the make-up of the assets, meaning their underlying assets, using a precise, clear classification. This is what helped Cfinancials design Product Mastering, which analyses all financial assets, in particular structured ones. The user selects them using specific criteria, and then gets the data requested with supporting graphics. At this time three versions are on sale: Executive Management, which is focused on asset classification to meet regulatory and supervisory requirements; the Relationship Manager version is oriented to marketing and client communications, while the one called Clients offers investors the possibility to monitor their assets and the prices of each underlying asset. Product Mastering in this way incorporates the essential functions for transparency, marketing and monitoring.

Technological monitoring

B&F: You promote transparency, yet the activities of Cfinancials, recently located at Rolle, are still not very well known !

M. H.No, I don’t think so, because we often publish information about our company, even if we do not disclose our turnover to protect ourselves from the competition. You should be aware that Cfinancials’s business is about publicising and promoting financial assets, marketing them by among other ways using statistics about their development and trends; and developments related to Product Mastering, launched this year, have truly boosted our income and given momentum to our client portfolio.

B&F: What are your current targets ?

M. H.We are consolidating our three departments, and the fifteen members of staff working on the platform carry out continuous monitoring of hi-tech developments, in order to adapt all new technological applications to our products. My own ambition is to eventually make Cfinancials the leading IT company in transparency of financial assets.

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