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Press article #8: Finanztip
October 2010

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Where can I get the latest price data on my portfolio or on shares I’m interested in purchasing ? This is a question private investors, such as this reader in Westphalia, keep asking even in this age of the internet. With our bond list, you receive a quarterly comprehensive overview with all the important data on corporate and government bonds in foreign currency and euro. When occasionally looking for quick price info, the daily newspapers can really leave you in the lurch, while professional broker portals like Bloomberg are too expensive for almost all of you. CH-Lutry is now stepping in to fill this gap. By year-end, EUR 9.5 million in financial products should be accessible on this new internet portal. The various product classes will then be added one after the other. What is especially interesting for you is that in December bonds are expected. And 98 % of the information, the essential market information, will be accessible to everyone. So who covers the cost? Michael Heijmeijer, the lively founder and CEO, answers this loud and clear, We do. First of all, we have strong data partners so that we can put together our cost-optimised product from Thomson Reuters, Six Group, Interactive Data Corporation, Reginfo & Private Companies Worldwide. What’s more, for investment banking, we open up new opportunities for competitive assessment of new products: Cfinancials also acts as a market barometer that can convey the mood of the financial public through the queries of the market players. The statistics are available to product providers for a fee. Other sources of income are advertising (clearly marked) and specialised reports. This is a desirable approach to success, because it offers Finanztip readers, who in addition to our weekly commentary occasionally seek data on the internet, a sensible supplement. Go to now, so you can get a first-hand impression of the portal.

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