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Press article #10: Finanz und Wirtschaft
Wednesday, October 6th 2010


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The Cfinancials website has been accessible to everybody, free of charge, since the beginning of the week. That makes me happy. It actually offers something that cannot be found anywhere else: all financial instruments offered to investors by financial institutions, including private placements, whether they are shares, bonds, funds or structured products, can be found on a single platform. This refers to 99% of all listed or OTC retail products. The data is available and will gradually be made accessible.


Compare anything and everything


It is not only the scale of the data and the analysis programme that enable any imaginable comparisons with respect to performance, reference indices or alternative products that are unique. What is unprecedented – for free data – is the independence of the supplier, listing the products of all financial institutes. The user interface is simple; the queries are fast.

Cfinancials works with various data providers and partners, including Reginfo, SIX Telekurs, Thomson Reuters and Dow Jones. The goal declared by Founder and CEO Michel Heijmeijer, is to provide access to information, prices and performance data on all financial products worldwide. To date, 250,000 funds, 20,000 funds of funds, 9,000 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and over 36,000 structured products have already been included.

The data is updated daily. Day traders working in the short-term, who need the latest price minute-by-minute, will not find a solution here. The offer is supplemented, among other things, by real-time company information. It’s worth taking a look at the platform for every investor: The tool has the potential to render some bank consultants irrelevant. I find it helpful when I need to answer readers’ questions about special products – and naturally also for my own portfolio.

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