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Cfinancials to open to the public

Press article #7: L’AGEFI
Thursday, September 9th 2010


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REVOLUTIONThe general public will soon have access to a vast array of financial information.

The launch date that was announced when the Cfinancials site was created is approaching. After an experimental stage when the site was only accessible to users with a password, it is now not long until all visitors will have access to data on all of the financial products listed. Accustomed to the selective presentation of information to its clients, the financial world is entering a new era with the availability of data on a massive scale, updated on a daily basis. Basic information on 190,000 mutual funds, 20,000 funds of funds (through a partnership with Thomson Reuters) and 8,000 ETFs, along with financial reports of companies covering 90% of global market capitalization, with a five year history (REGinfo), will now be accessible, as will company press releases in real time. The availability of data goes well beyond listed securities. The site also includes 30,000 structured products, mainly traded over the counter, and a section dedicated to private companies. Cfinancials’ founder and CEO believes that it will be possible to stimulate the growth of young companies, in particular by facilitating access to funding. The site offers private companies pretty much the same visibility as that of a listed company. They can provide information, promote themselves, and let their needs be known. Half the world has money, the other half is looking for it. And Cfinancials is positioned precisely between the two halves, explains Michael Heijmeijer.


The site will offer free access to basic financial information, but not to all of the available services. The password protected professional version will include, among other things, more ratios and performance graphs. Comparison tools, to which Michael Heijmeijer promises more sophisticated functions will soon be added, will also be available on a fee basis.

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